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Sauna Belt Side Effects


The sauna belt is a thick belt that is wrapped around a person’s midsection. The creators of the sauna belt claim that by wearing this device for fifty minutes a day it will help the wearer achieve a flatter stomach. But how does simply wearing a belt achieve the much sought after flat tummy look? What exactly is the science behind this? Well, according to the manufacturers the belt generates heat similar to the heat found in a hot sauna. This heat is supposed to superheat the cellulite deposits causing the user to sweat it out thereby causing weight loss.

The sauna belt can only be used for 50 minutes a day and comes with strong warnings not to use it any longer. It has been reported that users who wore the belt for longer suffered sauna belt side effects such as redness, irritation, blistering, and burning of the skin in the area where the belt was worn.

Although there has been no conclusive evidence to support the claim, there has been some accusations that using the sauna belt can cause damage to a woman’s reproductive organs and the kidneys. Some believe that the high level of heat produced by the belt is what ultimately causes the damage. It has been proven that men with a high temperature in their groin area produces less sperm and therefore causes fertility issues. Wearing a belt that generates heat in the abdominal and reproductive areas could cause some serious side effects if worn too long.

Therefore to avoid most of the sauna belt side effects you should only wear it for the recommended time frame and do not wear it too long.


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